Wednesday, 20 June 2018

2018 - World Refugee Day

Today is world refugee day. I support and stand with all refugees. Remember that a refugee is a person, a human being. Everyone has the right to live in peace, be safe and feel love. No person is illegal, be thankful you're not in their shoes. The world is full of hate, intolerance and cruelty, there needs to be more kindness, compassion and love. I support and stand with all refugees.

Friday, 25 May 2018

2018 Music Success.

We are a little bit late posting this, but we have had the first quarterly report from the music distributor, and Lisa-Lee's music career is slowly building up. These are the top ten countries where Lisa-Lee's music has been streamed the most (in order);

(1) Ireland.
(2) USA.
(3) France.
(4) UK.
(5) Turkey.
(6) Mexico.
(7) Israel.
(8) South Africa.
(9) Belgium.
(10) Japan.

The top five sites streaming Lisa-Lee's music the most are (1) Spotify. (2) Deezer. (3) Apple music. (4) Google play. (5) iTunes. Thank you everyone for all your support.

Monday, 30 April 2018

The Hate continues

When will the hate end? Why am I not allowed to have a career or a life? Why do a small group of people want to ruin my life and career? What do I do to get it all to end? My group of haters, old abusers and old childhood bullies want me dead!

Every single time I've started to build my career up I've been attacked. Firstly I was threatened and blackmailed. Then I had them try to get me sacked, then they started sending hate mail and death threats, and in between all that they'd threaten to rape me or sexually assault me every time I started to lose weight. Then last year (2017), when I announced my return to work, with the release of my debut short novel (novella), and a new digital single, I got attacked before I could even begin promoting them. Someone who's been harassing  (stalking) me for years tries to break into my home to kill/harm me. I reported that incident, including the things he called me to the police. I also reported all the other incidents to the police.

Finally in March 2018 I return to work and do a small bit of promotion for my book and digital download single, and without fail I experience yet more hate! This time I am having people knock the door very late, and as you can see from the photo, we had dog shit smeared over the front window (We assume its dog's shit). I have reported this to the police, but what's going to happen next? Why won't they leave me get on with my life?

People might think that knocking the door very late is harmless, but it has a deeper meaning to me. When I was abused by the paedophile group, they would come for me late at night by banging or knocking the door or window. Whenever I was on my own, and when I was getting knocks on the door recently it looked like I was home on my own. I believe the people who are attacking me today, are connected to the old paedophile group. How else do they know what to do that will affect me the most? They are trying to make me have a nervous breakdown! Everything has been reported to the police, but what are they going to do next?

Monday, 12 March 2018

The first digital single

This is the first physical copy of Lisa-Lee's digital download single, from 2016. The distribution company are now releasing physical copies of all digital releases. The only problem is, at the moment, the singles cost the same as albums.