Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Friday, 12 April 2019

Syrian little boy.

This Syrian child was with his family on Friday 5th April  (2019); they were on a boat trying to get to Greece via Izmir. Sadly the boat sank and everyone on board drowned, except for this little boy. He lost his whole immediate family.

The authorities are now desperately trying to find this little boys relatives, but its made harder by the fact that this little boy doesn't know how to speak. No one knows any information about him, not even his name. If you know who he is, or where his relatives are, then please call this number  +90555 00 26 300.

Please help in any way you can, even if its just by sharing his information and photo. Please think, what if this was your child? Your baby! It's obvious that his parents loved him deeply, because they were trying to get him to safety. Trying to get him to a place where he could be free, and have a life. Please show this little boy some love, kindness and compassion. Help his parents achieve their goals / dreams of getting him to safety, so he can have a life and experience freedom and love. Please help him.

Saturday, 30 March 2019

Know yourself

Recently I did an in-depth online personality test, to find my eight personality traits. Mine were;

(1) Loner.
(2) Secured.
(3) Thinker.
(4) Delicate.
(5) Extremely cautious.
(6) Assertive.
(7) Stressless.
(8) Perfectionist.

I was shocked by how accurate this test was. The only thing I'd disagree with is number seven, 'stressless'. I am a complete stress-head. Stress is my major downfall in life. Maybe this test is telling me what I need to be in order to be my true self?

To grow into who you are supposed to be, you must Know yourself.

Thursday, 7 March 2019


What the world desperately needs today is; more kindness. More compassion. More respect, and more love.

Friday, 1 March 2019

Happy St. David's day

St. David is the patron saint of my country. Wales, in the UK. Who needs, 'Game of thrones', when you have your own dragon.

Be like the Welsh! Be bold! Be brave! Be strong! Be courageous! But most importantly, be you! Be yourself! Carpe diem!
Happy St. David's day ❤❤❤

Friday, 22 February 2019

Shamima Begum

I try to stay away from political stories, but every now and then something comes along that I can't sit back and say nothing! I completely disagree with this article by Imran Awan, from Al Jazeera news. In his article he is saying why the 19 year old Isis bride, Shamima Begum should be allowed to return home to the UK.

All the politically correct people will be saying, she was only a child, she was brainwashed, she didn't understand what she was doing but I don't want to hear all that. The age of criminal responsibility in the UK is 10, so according to UK law if you are 10 or older, you understand right from wrong. This Shamima understood what she was doing, she's not special needs, she doesn't have a condition that means she couldn't understand things. Let's be completely clear, she didn't run off and commit a few misdemeanours, she wasn't going around shop lifting, she ran away, to 'Flee' the West  (UK) and our sinful ways to join a death cult!!!

Shamima was fully aware of the brutal atrocities that Isis were committing, she would have read the Islamic text that these extremists were sending her, and she would have accepted this! The biggest failing here is from the Muslim community. The Muslim teachers and scholars! Shamima had every opportunity to double check the religious text the extremists were quoting, but did she? Maybe she did? How Islam is taught needs to be looked at.. There are so many different strands in Islam, it's confusing to know what they see is right and wrong. Part of the problem is how Muslims in the West treat other Westerners. You can't go around criticising others for not wearing a scarf, or for listening to music. In fact, Muslims attack other Muslims for those two things. Unless you're extremely strict on everything, you're not considered a Muslim, by other Muslims!

I would say that the Muslim community needs to be more tolerant of other religions and other people's lifestyles. Tolerance is a two way street though, non Muslims need to be tolerant and accepting of Muslim lifestyles too! But I see so many anti-Christian posts from Muslims, anti-Jewish, anti-gay, anti-trans, anti-birthdays or other celebrations. I say, stop pointing your fingers at other people and being so judgmental; because that's partly how these young people get radicalized. Everyday Muslims are being so openly critical of others. Learn to chillout and be less judgemental. If someone is gay that's none of your business, likewise it's the same if someone listens to music. Someone else's life/lifestyle is none of your business. I don't need this Shamima Begum to come home to educate us on how she was groomed/radicalized, we already know! It's a combination of things, some I've mentioned!

In the UK we saw the two interviews she gave. In the very first one she clearly said  she had no regrets joining Isis! But when she found out there had been a huge backlash in the UK, she was coached/told to say, she did regret joining! Apparently she's lost 2 babies to malnutrition and disease, but she looks pretty healthy to me. Now the Muslim / Isis caliphate has been destroyed, she wants to come back home so her baby can be looked after. Apparently she's hugely protective of her baby; so where was her motherly instinct on the first 2 babies? Most mothers would give their lives to save their babies!

Additionally she saw chopped off heads in the bins and it didn't phase or bother her! Note she said head's and not a head! This is what disgusted me the most! I've included a photo of some of the victim's of Isis, who were beheaded! I have seen videos of the beheadings, where men have been crying,begging for mercy, but the sick Isis fighters laughed and cut their heads off using a knife! They were shown no mercy! I did use the photo of an Isis fighter holding one of the heads, and several more in the corner of the photo (if you find this photo too strong let me know and I'll remove it). Let's remember that these Isis fighters killed children in the same way! But most importantly, let's remember that all those men/boys/people had mother's too! They were somebody's baby. Those mother's can never hold their babies again, never make them safe, and never see them again. There's no second chance for them!

People will say she didn't kill anybody, and she should be brought back home to face justice! But what physical evidence will be available to put her through the court system, and surely, if you commit a crime in a different country, you face the justice of that country; so shouldn't she be handed over to President Assad to face her punishment? Likewise, how do we know she hasn't killed anyone? She was stripped of her British citizenship, the British Home Secretary would have secret intelligence on her, things that we can't see. Maybe she's not as innocent as people think?

Some people may disagree with me, that's fine. They may think I'm being too harsh, that's fine too, you're entitled to your opinion, but no nasty comments please. I don't think she should be allowed back for all the above reasons! For me, I think of all the innocent victims. The people who have been displaced, raped, tortured, killed, and you have her lapping up all the attention, wanting mercy and a second chance! The victims of Isis can't have a second chance. Why should she?