Tuesday, 17 September 2019

YouTube - Copyright

On Sunday I posted a YouTube video of the audio of me singing the Lord's prayer in Romanian, and unusually I sang the aria in the range of a tenor. I rarely sing that low because its not the most comfortable, and I know that I'll get lots of hate and abuse off people. The song is called, 'Tatal Nostru' (Our father). The sacred aria was written by Anton Pann (1790 - 1854). Pann was a composer and Romanian language poet.

I first heard Tatal Nostru performed by the soprano Angela Gheorghiu, and I fell in love with the piece straight away, and it wasn't until later that I discovered it was the Lord's prayer sung in Romanian. As a singer I was mostly self taught, but this is frowned upon in the opera world, but I taught myself to sing by mimicking other singers, and I was good at it 😀 I always tell people I'm not a good singer, I'm a good impressionist  (of other singers). Most people don't get that that's what my music career is about, not how good my singing is, but how good my impressions of other singers are!

I naturally tried to copy the Angela Gheorghiu version, but her voice is too complicated for me to mimic, meaning her voice is far too superior. I just sound like a Russian singing, so I searched for another version to copy, and I found it. The aria was sung by a group of monks and it was so beautiful, and this one I could mimic. So I did a copy and posted it, but even though the song is in Public Domain because the composer has been dead for over 70 years, a publisher has claimed the copyright of the song.

The problem today with people who are releasing their music is they don't understand copyright and publishing laws. Nearly all of the songs I record are in Public Domain, but other singers are taking some of these 'PD' songs and releasing them, but they're claiming copyright ownership of them and this is wrong. Sometimes some people might slightly rearrange the aria and the big record companies will copyright it, lots of people in the music world don't believe they have the right to do this, but they've got lots of money and power, so no one can stop them.

I decided to delete my YouTube audio cover version because the publisher who claimed copyright over it, and the artist name was different from the one I heard and copied, so I have no idea who did that arrangement first. Once a song has been claimed by someone on YouTube, they make money each time its listened to; that's why I took my version down because I don't want the wrong person making money from someone else's hard work and arrangement.

After saying all the above, there is a problem on YouTube and its very easy for a big publishing company to claim copyright over your own music, I've seen it happen lots of times, publishers will come along and just claim music ownership and there's nothing you can do unless you have lots of money, and a legal team to challenge them. That's why I stopped writing music. There's a saying in the music business, 'A hit is always followed with a writ!' That's because there are so many greedy people out there who try to steal other people's hard work and money!

I would also warn people to be careful if you put out your own music, because I see lots of people doing cover versions and releasing them, but they claim they own the copyright, you don't, the publisher does! And if you do this you could get sued for thousands of pounds because you're stealing someone else's work. That's why nearly all the music I do is in public domain.

Monday, 19 August 2019

Acrostic poem - Kamal Ghazall

This is an acrostic poem Lisa-Lee wrote a while ago for Kamal Ghazall. This poem is included in Lisa-Lee's new book, 'Six', which is available internationally from Amazon.

Kamal is from Gaza / Palestine and as all Palestinians life has been difficult for him, and Kamal is trying to raise money to study in Canada, if you'd like to know more about him or you're able to help him then please click on the link at the bottom of the poem.

Kind, caring, sensitive and sweet
Are all the words used to describe Kamal
Mornings are usually the times he sleeps
As he works every evening without fail; but
Lost and alone is sometimes how he feels.

God only knows how big his beautiful heart is
He is always there listening and helping others
Always guiding, giving advice and support
Zealously he writes his own beautiful poems
Adam, his little brother, is the love of his life
Life would have no meaning for Kamal without Adam
Lovingly he works non stop, selflessly providing for his family.


Wednesday, 14 August 2019

The Star

I see it again, the beautiful star
It twinkles down, and gladly draws near
It warms and sparkles, the closer it comes
It dims all others
I patiently watch and wait each night
For my star to shine
And secretly hope that one day
My beautiful star will come for me
So I may surrender my heart.

This is a love poem by Lisa-Lee Dark, it features in her new book, 'Six', available internationally from Amazon. Lisa-Lee wrote this poem a few years ago. The Star is a person ❤


Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Giusto ciel by Rossini

This is the link to the YouTube video with the audio of Lisa-Lee singing the Rossini aria, 'Giusto ciel L'assedio di corinto'. The audio is a little rough as it was taken from one of Lisa-Lee's singing lessons. This is the first recoding in a while of Lisa-Lee singing in soprano voice/range, it shows her soprano voice is getting stronger, its not perfect yet, but its getting there. Please click the link to hear the recording.


Sunday, 4 August 2019

My moon, Sun and stars

A poem from Lisa-Lee Dark's new book, 'Six', available internationally from Amazon.

You are my moon, my Sun and my stars
You are everything to me
Today I love you more than yesterday, and
Tomorrow I will love you more than today
Because with every beat of your heart
My love increases for you

Through you I found my heart
With you I will reach the stars
And side by side we will find peace

You have brought joy to my sad heart
You have opened up my soul
And filled it with love
With you I will find joy
And with you I will reach Paradise.

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

A strange mystery

I usually use a tablet computer as I find them easy for general things like social media activities, I use my laptop computer for typing my work and general business stuff. My only trouble is that I'm really quite forgetful at times, and several times I've gone outside with my tablet computer and left it outside, once or twice it went missing and I thought it's been stolen, but out of the blue its reappeared.

I guess I should be lucky it was returned. Maybe the thief didn't like it? Although something weird did happen on its return. I found some unusual photos in my photo gallery, well there were a few images of women's breasts and vaginas!!! I never put them on there. Should I be worried because its such unusual behaviour or should I just be grateful I still have it in working order. I guess the positive thing is that I provided free internet access for someone. The only scary thing is maybe I'm being watched again!

Lisa-Lee Dark ❤

Monday, 29 July 2019


We are pleased to announce Lisa-Lee's new book is finally available to buy. This brand new book is a collection of six short stories, some poetry by Lisa-Lee and a collection of inspirational quotes. More information to come soon.......

The book is available in paperback and as a Kindle version. The book is available internationally through Amazon.....