Sunday, 30 October 2011


In 2005 Lisa-Lee was set to release an album titled, 'Fragile', although this album was never released. This was due to the fact that Lisa-Lee felt that she couldn't cope any longer, she felt like she has having a nervous break down, due to all the trouble and problems that were being caused by the man from the last record company, he had become Lisa-Lee's first stalker; she said that it was not only a hugely stressful time but it was also a frightening time! Having people follow you around taking your photo, then having these photos sent to you with death and rape threats, being followed in the car in the evenings, and having to drive dangerously to get away from them, these people were trying to cause Lisa-Lee to crash her car, she describes it as a terrible time.

Lisa-Lee pulled out of the release of the new album as she just needed to take a break from the industry, she wasn't sure if she still wanted to be in the music industry, was it worth it? Was it going to get much worse or better? How was she going to get rid of her stalker or was he really going to try to kill her! Lisa-Lee says that she had lost her fight, she needed time away from everything and everyone, so she could decide on her future, where was life taking her?

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Breath of life

In 2004 Lisa-Lee released her first main stream classical album titled, 'Breath of life'. This is the first album that got the media and other people more interested in Lisa-Lee, although this album was also a huge commercial flop; although that was due to problems with the record company and things out of Lisa-Lee's control. Everyone seemed to like and enjoy this album, it should have been a huge success but it almost ended her career.

Lisa Lee always wanted to work with a British record company, and that is what she achieved with the 'Breath of life' album, but it was the worst thing that happened in her career. Someone from the record company had mental health problems, and he became obsessed with Lisa-Lee; he used to try to 'control' Lisa-Lee and used to threaten to kill himself if Lisa-Lee refused to obey his orders. In the end Lisa-Lee told him to go ahead and kill himself, as she found it hard to cope with his behaviour, then the threats became more stressful, as he would either threaten to poison and kill Lisa-Lee, or he would threaten to kill his own 2 year old little boy!

Lisa-Lee got in touch with the mans family and they were not surprised, and it was then that Lisa-Lee discovered that he was a paranoid schizophrenic who didn't always take his medication. He made Lisa-Lee's life a misery for years, so she refused to work with him, and what he was doing was damaging to her career, plus because he couldn't get control over Lisa-Lee he tried to ruin her career. He kept sending her the record companies bills and spreading lies about her, plus he paid people to follow her and take her photo, then he would post them to her with threats against her life. In the end the only thing that seemed to work was when Lisa-Lee just completely ignored him, although she did later on find out that he had been sectioned.

Lisa-Lee refuses to name him, partly because she is worried that if she gives him any attention, the obsession with her might come back, and that is the last thing that she wants; but the other reason why she won't name him, is out of respect for him and his family. Lisa-Lee says that the family were kind and helpful, they took the time to listen to her and gave her advice, which she took, but also Lisa-Lee feels that the person who almost ruined and ended her career was actually a kind and caring, good hearted person, who just had his own problems that he needed to deal with. Lisa-Lee says that he was very misunderstood, as when he was well and listening, he was very good at his job, although there were issues that he couldn't deal with, so his way of dealing with them; is to not take his medication and allow his paranoid mind take control. Lisa-Lee hopes that he gets better and has a happy and healthy life, she wishes him no harm, even though he wanted to kill her!

The 'Breath of life' album, was supposed to be a new age classical style album, but the record company decided to call it a pop opera classical crossover album, even though Lisa-Lee had made it very clear that this is the last thing she wanted her album classed as, due to the fact that she wanted to become an opera singer and this could have closed doors to her, as the opera critics hate the classical crossover artists and music, but on top of that the record company made last minute changes to the finished album that Lisa-Lee knew nothing about, and they didn't have the correct licences in place, but they also refused to tell Lisa-Lee where to she had to go in London to do her radio promotion, the man from the record company told her that he couldn't tell her where to go, as people were listening on the phone! This is why it was impossible for Lisa-Lee to carry on working with this man and record company.