Saturday, 28 January 2012

Lisa Lee Dark / her name

Most people don't know, or they seem to forget where the name Lisa Lee Dark came from; Lisa-Lee was born 'Lee Dark', so that is her real, original birth name, her close friends and family still call her 'Lee', and that is fine, after all Lee is a male and female name, but the reason why 'Lisa' got added into her name was for two reasons.

Firstly, her record company felt that Lee Dark was too boring and felt that it didn't stand out, so they wanted Lisa-Lee to change her name. The record company wanted a much more feminine name, so people knew that Lisa-Lee was female, they were worried that people wouldn't understand if her name wasn't a stand out female name, as Lisa-Lee was still carrying a lot of weight, and this extra weight made her look more masculine than feminine, but that was also due to the hormone treatment that she had received. Lisa-Lee refused to change her name but was prepared to make a slight change.

The second reason why Lisa-Lee decided to add the name 'Lisa', into her stage name was because this is the name that the bullies called Lisa-Lee when they bullied her in school. They use to call her a lot of worse things on top, but they always called her 'Lisa' as an extra insult; by adding the name 'Lisa' into her name, this was Lisa-Lee's way of showing the bullies that that name never bothered her, and in fact they were partly right to call her a female name, as she was female, so by adding the name 'Lisa' into her new name, Lisa-Lee could stick her two fingers back up to the bullies, the ones who thought they were upsetting her by calling her Lisa.

Although today Lisa-Lee doesn't like to be called just 'Lisa', it is Lisa-Lee, both names, unless you are a close friend or family member who still knows her as 'Lee'; at all other times you call her Lisa-Lee.

Friday, 20 January 2012

2011 review

2011 wasn't a great year for Lisa-Lee Dark, in 2009 she had lost her voice and she had to retrain herself to sing, this took around 2 years; Lisa-Lee was due to return to work during 2011 but her health took a nasty turn, this was partly due to the stress from losing her voice. During the 2 years that she was training herself to sing, she gained a little over a stone in weight, this meant that Lisa-Lee was carrying far too much weight, she started having bad dizzy spells and almost passing out. This turned out to be because her blood pressure was extremely high, so she had to correct this before any work could start.

During 2011 Lisa-Lee did manage to lose just over 2 stone in weight, by giving up all the bad things, although she still has to lose another 4 stone in weight to get to a healthier and safer weight, this weight target was set by her GP (doctor). The only trouble that Lisa-Lee is having with her diet is giving up bread! That is the one thing that she eats too much of, although Lisa-Lee didn't discover until 2011 that bread was very bad for you.

2011 wasn't a complete wash out for Lisa-Lee, she did manage to get herself ready for work in 2012, by signing a new recording / production deal, and she found a new voice coach to help her with her training, to show Lisa-Lee all the things to avoid while singing; but on top of this Lisa-Lee has set up her first business, a music and film production company, this should be launched sometime in 2012, this will help Lisa-Lee get into film work and help her career develop more and help her to find other talent, to give someone else their own lucky break. Lets hope that 2012 is a good year for Lisa-Lee and her friends, fans and immediate family.