Friday, 14 December 2012

Why do they fight back?

In case anyone ever wondered why Palestinian's fight back, this picture says it all! That beautiful child has a bullet wound to his heart! Is he one of Israel's terrorists? That child's eyes are still open, can you even imagine how afraid he was just before he was murdered? Help the people of Palestine!

Since September 2000; 1,509 Palestinian children have been killed by Israel; and 129 Israeli children have been murdered. All of these deaths were wrong and everyone of them could of been avaoided, here is a list of all the deaths, giving the childs name and reason as to why they died, please remember all of these children, and keep in mind that everyone of them had a right to life, and they all had a purpose, one of them could of been the next Albert Einstein, or a great person of peace like Mahatma Ghandi, but they were never given a chance. The most important thing to remember is that they all had a name!

Who did he hurt?

Who did this beautiful innocent child ever hurt? What chance was he ever given? Is he a terrorist? Why did Israel kill him? Free Palestine.