Monday, 23 September 2013


What is happening in Syria is terrible, it is beyond words. No one deserves to go through what the Syrian people are going through. No child should have to die through chemical weapons, or by any other means, every child and adult has the 'right' to feel 'safe'. There is never any need to go to war today, but to sit back and do nothing is worse! Please try to help in some way, even if it is just by praying the people of Syria, or make a donation to one of the links below. The Syria appeal - Islamic relief UK, or the Syria appeal from the British Red Cross. These images are shocking, but please open your hearts and do something, no matter how small it is, just do something. We should never see images like this, never!

How many more innocent lives have to be lost before the world does something!

Saturday, 21 September 2013

World hunger!

The money required to eradicate hunger for everyone in the world has been estimated at 30 billion a year, about as much as the world spends on the military every 8 days!

No child should have to eat scraps of food off the street floors, it is so very wrong! We live in a world that is full of greed and people have learnt to turn away form others who are needy. Our hearts have become hardened!