Saturday, 30 November 2013

Allah helps those who help others.

Always remember to try and help others. It does you more good than you realise, because Allah helps those who help others. Whenever you can, try to do a little something for someone else, it will help improve your own life. How can you pray and ask Allah to give you something, when you haven't helped or done anything to help someone else.

Friday, 8 November 2013

The beginning of the end!

As Lisa-Lee gets ready to make a comeback to the music industry, she does it with an announcement. "When my current recording deal ends, I will not be renewing it, as I will be quitting the music industry", says Lisa-Lee.

Lisa Lee Dark has been recording from the age of nine; she used to find music a 'relief' and a 'comfort' from her troubles, but over the last few years or so she has found it more of a hassle; "the fun has now gone, so it is time to call it a day".

Lisa-Lee is getting ready to convert to Islam; and she says as she gets older, what she is truly craving is peace and love, and that cannot come from a music career; Lisa-Lee says she's had enough of dealing with all the jealous, rude, vicious, nasty people. All the gossip and complete lies that are frequently told about her are having a negative impact on her own health, and she feels that it is just not worth the stress anymore.

"When I was recording the dance music, most people used to laugh at me and claim that anyone could do that crap, but most people didn't realise I had been singing classical music also, and when I started doing opera (not just classical), no one could make the same claims, and people could see how hard I had been working; but instead of people being supportive, they were rude, vicious and horrible, some even tried to sabotage my performances to ruin my career. What was my crime, what had I done that was so terribly wrong to cause so much grief from people? All I was doing was following my dreams and I was trying to make something of my life. I guess they were jealous cause I had the guts to try and do something!"

Lisa-Lee feels that while growing up she was mostly 'invisible'. If she wasn't getting abused or neglected, she was being ignored and left out. Lisa-Lee had no one; but she found her refuge in music, writing and religion. Lisa-Lee wanted to show people that she wasn't useless, or 'nothing'; she was a person with a heart who had feelings; but mostly she wanted her family to notice and accept her; Lisa-Lee has now accepted that this will never happen.

By slowly regaining her health and fitness and embracing Islam and finding peace; Lisa-Lee believes this will take her on a new journey; one that is filled with light and love; and maybe one day she will find true love and create her own family.

When people hear something horrible about you, they will believe it in a second without any questions; but if they hear anything good about you, they will look for 100 reasons why it cannot be true. People like to look down on others and judge them for the things they do themselves.