Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Part Two of Lisa-Lee's first ever radio interview!

This is the second half of Lisa-Lee's first ever radio interview with the legendary presenter John Peel for his BBC radio 4 programme.


Lisa-Lee has been trying to educate people about intersex medical conditions for many years, to try to educate them and create more acceptance and understanding of these conditions, for herself and other people with these conditions and their families. Lisa-Lee still has to suffer attacks from small minded, uneducated and disturbed people.

On Christmas day  (2014), Lisa-Lee had to deal with one of the worst attacks she's had to deal with in quite a while, some yob threw 2 powerful fireworks at her, this could of resulted in seriously damaging Lisa-Lee and permanently disfiguring her, or at worse, it could of killed her! Luckily the fireworks missed Lisa-Lee and her bins caught fire instead! If they had hit her, she'd of been on fire! This is because Lisa-Lee was born with a rare medical condition, she didn't choose to be made different, but the person who threw fireworks at her did have a choice, and he chose to try to badly burn or kill her because he is small minded, sick and disturbed!

If you don't understand about something, ask questions and never assume!

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Lisa-Lee's first ever radio interview!

As Lisa-Lee gets ready for her comeback to the music industry in 2015, we decided to share a rare gift with you. We have managed to get our hands on a copy of Lisa-Lee's first ever radio interview. This was for BBC radio 4 with the legenary British presenter John Peel. This is the first half of that interview, we will publish/post the second half of the interview later in the week.

We would also like to wish all the fans a merry Christmas and happy holidays!


Monday, 22 December 2014

In memory of the children of Peshawar / Pakistan

This post is dedicated to the memory of the children and all the victims of the Pakistani school massacre in Peshawar. No one has the right to harm anybody else's child. A child is a gift from Allah, and no one has the right to harm it.

There was so many people attacking Islam, the Qur'an and the Prophet Mohammad pbuh when they heard about the incident in Australia; but not one of those people have commented on the innocent Muslim children murdered in Pakistan, who were murdered by extremists. All I read is why aren't Muslims speaking out, but I know lots and lots of Muslims who were speaking out, but everyone decided not to listen to them.

If the IRA or the KKK, or even a disturbed Christian man kills or hurts someone, and he says he did it because God told him to, would it be fine for you to attack Jesus pbuh and all Christians? No! Simply because you know that these people do not represent the faith, they have a sick twisted extreme view of it, that is what an extremist is. What people fail to understand is, the minute they attack all Muslims and Islam because of the actions of the extremists, is the very moment when they are helping the extremists! They are playing into their hands; the extremists love this because it helps them recruit and brainwash young impressionable Muslims.

Islam is a peaceful religion, and it is mainly Muslims who are the victims of the extremists because they are trying to stop them. Before anyone comments about a religion, they should first of all spend some time trying to find out about it, by speaking with scholars and studying the Qur'an.

May all the victims of Peshawar / Pakistan rest in peace. To Allah we belong and to Allah we return!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Letting go!

Why don't you take my hand
So we can walk around the park
Let's watch the autumn leaves fall to the ground
While we listen to the children's laughter in the distance
And we watch the early autumn's sunset
While feeling the cold wind blow on our faces.

Why don't you sit down in your comfy chair
And sip on a cup of hot coco
Let's ponder on days gone past
Remembering how life was and how life is
Let's talk about the good and bad
And remember it all with great pride.
Knowing how far it helped us travel.

Why don't you lay down
And tell me for one last time
The places you've been and all the different people you've met
Let's relive the past just one more time
Before we have to go and travel on different paths.

Why don't you lay down and rest your eyes
You've been on a long hard journey
With so many battles and hardships overcome
Why don't you lay down and let go
Knowing that you'll always be here with us
As we carry you forward in our hearts.

Let's lay down for one last time
And know it's OK to let go
Don't be afraid of falling asleep and drifting away
Because for what we are about to lose
Will be heaven's gain
We are all born to die
But death isn't the end, it is the start.

Please ignore the tears that fall upon you
As I kiss you goodbye one last time
I know that for now we have to part
But all I'll have to do is look up to the stars in the sky
And close my eyes to see your face and feel your embrace
But I know we have to say goodbye
Because heaven's waiting for their angel to go home!

Saturday, 13 December 2014

You're never alone.

Today is the funeral of my beautiful and brave friend and American granny Maryann Hillman, may you rest in peace.

Let all your memories  (of Maryann) hold you close, no matter where you are, you're never alone, because the ones you love the most are never far away, they're clinging onto the pieces of your broken heart, keeping you alive and loved, in their special protective embrace, as angels sent from above.

Rest in peace Maryann 
May your memory be a blessing 
To Allah we belong and to Allah we return! 

Monday, 8 December 2014

Maryann Hillman

This post is dedicated to Maryann Hillman who died on Friday. There are no real words to say except thank you for your warmth, understanding, kindness and advice. The best part of 2014 was getting to know you, I am only sorry that we never had the chance to meet in person, even though we made plans. You will always be in my heart and I will never forget you. May you sleep well and rest in peace. I love you! I dedicate all that I do and achieve in 2015 to you!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

I give you me.

Oh great fire ball in the sky
Fill my heart with love, passion and compassion
Never let me grow cold.

Oh silvery moon, so far away
Stay close and light up my night time sky
Watch over me and my loved ones
Protect them while the sun is away.

Earth underneath my feet
Keep me grounded and secure
Never let arrogance, rudeness or spite take a hold of me.

Rain that falls from the skies
Cleanse my skin and wash away my sins
So I am free to hold my head up high.

And time, do not leave me behind
Do not go too fast
Do not let life pass me by
And do not forget me when I am gone.  

And to my beloved, wherever you may be
I give you everything that I have
I give you me!