Thursday, 26 February 2015

World rare disease day 2015.

Please show love and support for beautiful children like Kaiden. Support rare disease day, February 28th, by wearing jeans. 

Growing up I have always been bullied and attacked because I was different. It wasn't just in my childhood that I got attacked, when I finally started to live my life and try to have a singing career, my bullies all came back. They tried to ruin my career and reputation by spreading lies about me. I got so ill and depressed I ended up losing my voice, and I thought my career was over, but thankfully my voice is returning, and I will restart my career, but I am very worried because I expect to be attacked again. People will try to ruin me and my career all because I'm different. I expect the bullying will begin again when my career starts to do well. I will have to be strong to cope with all the different lies people will say. People always attack people who are different, but in my case with my career, they think they'll be able to make money from my ruin! Please be more supportive to people who are different, you don't understand their struggles.