Saturday, 31 December 2016

2017 - Happy New Year

I would like to wish everyone a happy New year. May your 2017 be much better than 2016 was. Wishing you all good health, happiness, love, success, wealth and peace in 2017.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Refugees welcome

Every child has the right to live in peace & be safe, happy & loved. Refugees welcome.

Remember that all these young refugees who are suffering right now, will work harder than anyone else to make sure they never go through the same thing! Be careful how you treat them, because these young faces will become the world leaders of the future!

The moment you see people suffering, the very first thing you should do, is offer them help! You never say, "we don't want them, we can't afford them, we don't have room for them"! The very first thing you should do is say, "How do we best help them, how do we make sure they're safe and not hungry or thirsty"! That's what humanity is about, helping the needy!

Refugees welcome, now and always.

Monday, 19 December 2016

The 47 orphans from Aleppo

Recently I made a post called, 'A voice from Aleppo'. Talking about 47 orphans who were trapped in Aleppo; this is an update from that post;

Finally a little bit of good news to come out of #Aleppo The 47 orphans who were trapped have been rescued from Aleppo. If you remember they made a heartbreaking video pleading for help, thankfully they're safe, although they're not out of danger just yet, as some of them are in a critical condition, and some are dehydrated. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers ♡

The forgotten people of Rohingya

When I first saw this image a couple of weeks ago I cried, what has happened to humanity? Where has love, kindness and compassion gone? This image is from Myanmar / Rohingya, this baby has been murdered. This baby is completely innocent of any crimes, and his parents only crime was being Muslim! Please don't let the forgotten people of Rohingya be forgotten anymore!

Saturday, 17 December 2016


Atrocity after atrocity is being committed in Aleppo
Little lost souls are being taken and they can never be returned
Every one of the angels from above are crying for the people of Aleppo
Prayer after prayer is coming out of Aleppo asking for our help
People from all over the world need to unite and give Aleppo a voice
Or is humanity already lost, and is this the beginning of the end?

Thursday, 15 December 2016

A voice from Aleppo

"This might be the last time you see and hear me", these are the words of a 10 year old orphan trapped in Aleppo, with 46 other orphans! Please watch this video and share it! We must do all we can to help! Each time I watch this short video, and listen to the words coming from a child, I cry, but my tears won't help. Please watch!

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Aleppo needs help

My prayers are with the people of Aleppo! I don't know what is worse, the government's and world leaders who sit back and do nothing while people are being massacred, or the people committing the massacres? Governments don't have to fight in this war, but there needs to be more than a ceasefire and safe corridor. What the world leaders could and should do, is create a temporary no fly zone and send their armies in to evacuate the people of Aleppo to safety. Give the people a protected safe passage out of Aleppo! When will world leaders realise the true value of a human life?

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Aberfan - 50th anniversary - photographs

Last month (October), was the 50th anniversary of the Aberfan disaster, in South Wales, UK. Here is a collection of some of the photographs from the disaster.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Aberfan acrostic poem

This is the acrostic poem Lisa-Lee wrote for Aberfan;

Angels were made in the village of Aberfan

Beautiful precious little angels, who were loved by so many

Early one cold foggy morning, they were forced to depart

Runaway and hide was something they were unable to do

Fear filled their tiny hearts, as the darkest of shadows came in so fast

Always and forever we'll remember the angles of Aberfan

Never will we forget any of them, they're forever in our hearts.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Aberfan music video tribute

This is Lisa-Lee's music video in tribute to the Aberfan disaster. Today marks the 50th anniversary of this terrible tragedy. May all the victims rest in peace and may they and the survivors never be forgotten.

Please click on the link below to watch the music video on Youtube.

Aberfan memorial music video / Lisa Lee Dark

Tuesday, 18 October 2016


On Friday it will be the 50th anniversary of one of the worst mining disasters that happened in my country, Wales (UK). In Wales we only have to say the name of the village and straight away we think of this terrible catastrophic disaster. To the outside world it was known as 'The village that lost its children'. The Aberfan disaster killed 144 people.

Aberfan is a small Welsh mining village. The disaster happened because of the waste from the coal mine was stacked up in a pile, like a mountain of mud and rubble, but there was a problem with where they were putting the waste, there was a natural stream underneath the mountain of waste which made it unsafe! The other problem was due to the fact that Aberfan had suffered days of heavy rain, the build up of water resulted in the mountain of waste coming apart and creating a landslide! This landslide went straight down the hill into the village of Aberfan, and the main building in its way was a primary school.

50 years ago on 21st October, at 9:15 in the morning, the classrooms at Pantglas junior school got buried in thick mud and rubble from the coal mine. The children were buried alive. 116 children aged between 7 and 10 died that morning, along with 4 teachers, and some local residents. There was so much debris/rubbish, it would take a full 7 days to get all the bodies of the victims, most of them were children. Most of the children died from asphyxiation  (suffocation), and others had fractured skulls and multiple crush injuries.

One of the saddest things about this terrible disaster is, if it had struck a few minutes earlier the children would not have been in the classroom; and if it was a few hours later the school would have broken up for half term! The disaster happened so quickly there was nothing anyone could have done to save the children. During the rescue operation only a few children were saved, and after 11am on that day, there were no survivors pulled out of the school.

The parents had to live with the guilt of sending their children to school, and knowing that they died in such a brutal cruel way. Some parents felt huge guilt because their child was complaining about not wanting to go to school but they forced them, and by forcing them they sent their children to their deaths. Some children were saved because they were ill on the day and didn't attend school. When I was in college I did a project on Aberfan and I always remember reading about one of the little boys who died; the day before the disaster he draw a picture, in the picture he drew a clock showing 9:15, he also drew his school and then he drew planes dropping bombs on the hills surrounding the village! He more or less predicted what was going to happen.

When Queen Elizabeth II visited the scene with her husband Prince Phillip, a week after the disaster she almost cried when a three year old little girl gave her a posy, with a message saying, 'From the remaining children of Aberfan'.

On Friday  (21st October), there will be a one minute silence at 9:15am to remember the victims of the Aberfan disaster. Please pray for them and never let them be forgotten. Most of the victims were innocent babies, may they all be resting in peace. Never forget Aberfan.