Sunday, 24 January 2016

Adagio of hope

Lisa-Lee's comeback to the music industry has begun, with the release of her debut digital download single, 'Adagio of hope'. The single is currently available on Amazon and going 'live' on all the different music download sites. Check out Amazon for a 30 second free sample of the song.

Lisa-Lee is donating all her profit from this single to the, 'Voice of Gaza'. VOG is an educational project in Gaza helping young people.

This single is currently available on Amazon and Spotify; and over the next three weeks the song will go 'live' on, itunes, Apple, Youtube music, Google play, Groove, Rhapsody, eMusic, Simfy Africa, iHeartRadio, Tidal, Shazam, Juke, Slacker, Akazoo, and many more sites.