Sunday, 26 August 2012


Why do bullies bully? There are two types of bullies; you have the ‘popular’ bullies and the ‘wannabe popular’ bullies. Some bullies are the popular kids; these bullies want to stay popular, so they pick out someone who is different and try to make them as small and unhappy as possible. This makes them feel ‘big’ and ‘tough’; they do this to impress their followers, in the hope to show off their strength and try to remain the most popular; just like the animals do, they want to be the strongest (most dominant) member of the pack.

The second type of bully is the ‘wannabe popular’ bully. Sometimes these bullies are worse than the ‘popular’ bullies. The ‘wannabe popular’ bully will do anything to belong in the popular group, or anything to impress the popular bully or any of his/her followers. The easiest way for them to impress the other bullies is to attack who they see as the weakest (smallest); the more pain they inflict on the victim the more they feel they impress the popular bully / group. These bullies will even tell complete lies about the victim, claiming all sorts of things, saying that the victim has been seen doing this and that and either they have witnessed it or they know someone who has; but in actual fact it is all lies. They are just desperate to impress the bigger bullies. This is just what gossips do!

Lisa-Lee has had to deal with both types of bullies in her childhood and adulthood; Lisa-Lee used to think that the older bullies are not as vicious because there is less violence involved with the bullying; but the saying ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words cannot hurt me’ is utter rubbish! Adult bullies are just as bad, maybe even worse because they should know better! Words hurt!

People have a habit of not being very nice in life; if they see someone who is a bit different they can turn on them; it can be someone’s skin colour, size, voice, even something as trivial as what a person is wearing; that is all it takes for people to attack other people. Lisa-Lee has had to deal with a huge level of abuse from everyday people just because of her size and medical condition. If you don’t understand something, try to learn from it, would you spit at a burns victim? Lisa-Lee has had people come and spit in her face and much much worse; these people don’t even know her, they just attack her (and some have even tried to ruin her career) because she is ‘different’. Lisa-Lee is different because of a medical condition she was born with, she had no say in this, it just happened, not everybody is born the same way, some people in life are different, but they are still human beings; they have a heart and soul, and most importantly, they have feelings!

If you are a gossip and you judge other people, then you are a bully, and bullies are animals. Always remember, words hurt!