Monday, 11 July 2011

Famous relatives

Lisa Lee Dark was born in the spring, April 16; she was born to become a star and work in the entertainment industry, fame and entertainment run in her blood. Lisa-Lee's great great great great aunt was the Victorian opera singer 'Adelina Patti' (1843-1919); Adelina was the heighest paid opera singer in the world and classed as one of the all time greats. Lisa-Lee is related to her by Adelina's second marrige to a French tenor, not many people know this but Lisa-Lee's surname is a French surname, but it was most likely spelt D'ark, but gradually over time it became Dark.

Lisa-Lee's great great aunt and God-mother was the Hollywood legend 'Bette Davis' (1908-1989), Bette was classed as one of the greatest screen actresses of the 20th century, she was also the heighest paid actress in the world during the 1930's and 1940's.

Lisa-Lee was also at one point distantly related to the screen actor Sir Anthony Hopkins. Lisa-Lee is unsure if they are still related, Lisa-Lee says, "coming from a small place like Wales means that you have a lot of links and connections to lots of people, it's very easy to find yourself related to lots of people, whether they are famous or not".

Lisa-Lee's family tree is very difficult to research as there have been a lot of adoptions in the family, and a lot of relatives have brought up other family members children, due to death and other things, so a lot of these children had their names changed later in life and got adopted.

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