Sunday, 30 October 2011


In 2005 Lisa-Lee was set to release an album titled, 'Fragile', although this album was never released. This was due to the fact that Lisa-Lee felt that she couldn't cope any longer, she felt like she has having a nervous break down, due to all the trouble and problems that were being caused by the man from the last record company, he had become Lisa-Lee's first stalker; she said that it was not only a hugely stressful time but it was also a frightening time! Having people follow you around taking your photo, then having these photos sent to you with death and rape threats, being followed in the car in the evenings, and having to drive dangerously to get away from them, these people were trying to cause Lisa-Lee to crash her car, she describes it as a terrible time.

Lisa-Lee pulled out of the release of the new album as she just needed to take a break from the industry, she wasn't sure if she still wanted to be in the music industry, was it worth it? Was it going to get much worse or better? How was she going to get rid of her stalker or was he really going to try to kill her! Lisa-Lee says that she had lost her fight, she needed time away from everything and everyone, so she could decide on her future, where was life taking her?

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