Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Israel war crimes

When Israel starts attacking the Palestinians, Israel and the Israeli people like to say that they (Israel) are just defending themselves from the rocket attacks, but that is simply not true. The 'Iron Dome' is defending Israel. When you drop bombs on people in retaliation that is not defence; that is called 'attacking'; but the people of Israel, and most of the world don't realise that the violence is mostly started by Israel, so if Gaza has started firing rockets into Israel it is because they are fighting back after coming under constant attack from the Israeli army (IDF)! The way to peace is by letting go of violence and all violent acts, the Palestinians are the ones who have to find forgiveness, how do they do that with the images of their dead children, killed by Israel's aggression. When children are being killed, that is a war crime, and one day Israel will have to answer for these images!

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