Friday, 20 June 2014

Who is Muhammad (pbuh)?

Who is Muhammad (pbuh)?

He is the one who gave us all rights.
He is the one who protected men's, women's and children's rights.
He is the one who raised the value of women (despite what some people think).
He is the one who protected the rights of our neighbours.
He is the one who established a peaceful relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims.
He is the one who connected all the monotheistic faiths (belief in one God).
He is the one who taught us how to respect all the other Prophets like, Adam, Noah, Abraham and Moses (pbut).
He is the one who taught us who the great Prophet Jesus (pbuh) was, and why he was sent; and he taught us that the virgin birth was true!
He is the one who taught us all how to respect the Messiah Jesus (pbuh) and his mother Mary.
He is the one who taught us the truth about Christianity and its basic mistake; he taught us not to confuse ourselves with the trinity; it makes no sense because it is wrong! Jesus (pbuh) is not the 'son' of God, but he is the Messiah and he is a great Prophet in Islam.
He is the one who taught us not to feel guilty about the crucifixion and death of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh); because the Jews did not kill him like everyone thinks.
He is the one who taught us Allah keeps his word, and he taught us that no harm came to the Prophet Jesus (pbuh)
He is the one that taught us Allah is the best of planners.
He is the one that taught us Allah is merciful and kind.
He is the one who taught us that the Torah, Gospels and Psalms were all sent from Allah.
He is the one that organised the relationship between the members of the family, and he revealed the duties towards the parents.
He is the one who prevented injustice and called for justice, peace, respect, love, togetherness and co-operation for all.
He is the one who called for helping the needy, visiting the sick, feeding the hungry and helping the orphans.
He is the one who taught us how to clean our bodies ready for prayer, ready to present ourselves to Allah.
He is the one who taught us how to pray properly, how to pray like the great Prophets of yesterday (Jesus, Moses, Abraham (pbut)). We all pray the same way.
He is the one that prohibited bad manners, and other things like, stealing, lying, murdering, gossiping, committing adultery and drinking alcohol.
He is the one that taught us children have rights to feel safe, respected, well looked after, encouraged, cared for and loved.
He is the one who taught us we are allowed to defend ourselves.
He is the one that set very strict rules about war and killing.
He is the one who taught us how to be kind, caring, respectful, forgiving, gentle, good people.
In a nut shell, Muhammad (pbuh) is the one that united a world.........

A true Muslim doesn't steal.
A true Muslim doesn't lie.
A true Muslim prays 5 times a day.
A true Muslim doesn't drink alcohol.
A true Muslim doesn't commit adultery.
A true Muslim doesn't cheat.
A true Muslim tries his best to help the needy.
A true Muslim never judges another person, as he knows Allah may have already forgiven that person for the sin they committed.
A true Muslim doesn't look down on anyone, as they know that person maybe better than himself to Allah.
A true Muslim doesn't gossip about people; back biting is a huge sin in Islam.
A true Muslim doesn't kill innocent people; as the word of Allah is; 'if you kill one innocent person, it is the same as killing all of humanity, likewise, if you save a life, 'it is the same as saving all of humanity to Allah'.
A true Muslim doesn't harm his neighbour.
A true Muslim obeys his parents and helps them (provided it is in keeping with the word of Allah).
A true Muslim is kind and gentle to young people and the elderly.
A true Muslim is kind, good, gentle, caring, respectful, committed, devoted, protective and loving to his/her wife/husband.
A true Muslim doesn't torture or harm humans or animals (yes, even animals have rights in Islam).
A true Muslim wife loves and cares for her husband (the provider and head of the family) with all of her heart; she knows that he is a gift from Allah, and she has to love him more than his own mother does; she provides him with children, taking care of them and looking after the home, and tending to her husbands needs; she is devoted to him for the rest of her life and beyond (in'sha'Allah).
A true Muslim husband loves and takes care of his wife for the rest of her life, he knows she is a gift to him from Allah. He (Allah) created her for him to love. The husband treats his wife with gentleness, respect, love and kindness; he becomes her protector, strength, security, parental figure, guider, counsellor and most importantly, he becomes her best friend. He takes care of her and all his children and shows mercy towards them all (equally), until the last day of his life.
A true Muslim's relationship towards his/her children never stops, even when they become adults. They know that their children were gifts from Allah!

True Muslims are good, kind hearted, generous, respectful, peaceful, caring, loving and happy people, despite what the media says!

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