Sunday, 12 April 2015

The Inner voice

Parents are the most powerful and influential people in a child's life, the words they use and their actions are the foundations of the life of their child! 

A parent has been given such a precious gift, if only all parents could see this. A parents job is to love, nurture and care for their children, to teach them how to love, how to see true beauty, how to accept themselves and others; but it is also a parents job to teach their children how to be confident, strong and brave, and teach them to believe in themselves, and teach them life skills, so they can fly the nest and live a good and happy life, and they can help heal the world of all the bad, corruption and darkness. 

Parents need to know that their child has the ability to change the world! To achieve the greatest of things! Fill them with love, respect, acceptance, hope, dreams, belief, goals and kindness! Never underestimate the power of kindness, a kind word has the ability to save a person's life!

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