Saturday, 16 May 2015

The song of the angels

I was dreaming of you as the moon left the sky 
And dawns early sunlight broke through the morning dew
Awake, awake my beautiful little angel, I cried 
Awake, awake my purest little treasure 
But you are lost to me, you have been taken so far away. 

In the land of the night, where dreams can come alive 
There I can still reach out and touch your little hands 
There my whispers echo the love that is in my soul 
There you hear my voice calling 
There you feel my kisses 
Covering you all over, like feathers of snow. 

I'll be waiting for you where the sun meets the sky 
Waiting to hold you in my arms 
And say, awake my love, my beautiful angel 
I'll be waiting for the heavens call 
Waiting to hear the song of the angels 
And waiting to see the shadows of their wings 
Come calling for me! To take me home to you. 

I pray that I die in my sleep 
So this dream never ends 
And you wake up in my arms 
Never to leave my embrace 
This can only happen when I hear them calling 
When I hear, 'the song of the angels'. 

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