Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Refugee lives matter!

These are the saddest pictures that I have seen in a long time; when I saw these I cried, and the second and third time I saw them, I cried! These are young children, they're someone's babies, and they've ended up dead on a beach, like driftwood, or worse, like rubbish!

Where is humanity? Where are our hearts? These refugees are running for their lives, to try to have a life. If they stay where they are, they will die! But if they flee and try to get to safety, they might have a life, and a fresh new start, but in order to get a life, they must risk their lives; but sadly all too often they drown and die, like these beautiful angels! These parents wouldn't risk the lives of their own children unless they were completely desperate! Remember they're fleeing to save their children!

It's totally wrong of people to say 'We don't want them' and 'There's too many of them', but this is the consequences of the illegal wars and destabilising of the area. The greed of the West is now coming back to haunt them; but sadly it's babies bodies being washed up on the beaches. We all need to be doing something about this, if everyone  (every country) did something, this wouldn't be a problem. These refugees need a safe haven. Our governments partly caused this problem, now they need to do something to fix it. The greed and these wars have to end. NO MORE WARS!

Governments and people keep talking about looking for a way to stop the human trafficers, but that would be easy to do; what the EU should be doing is picking up the refugees at certain areas and transporting them to where they'd like to go, this would keep them safe, and stop the trafficers making money out of other people's misery. We are all human beings; when someone is suffering we have a moral duty to help them. With all the hate in the world what we need is more compassion and love.

I truly hate having to use these images. These images break my heart and it shouldn't be happening in 2015. I wish I never had to share them, but sadly we have to shock and even upset most people to get them to acknowledge there's a problem, and get them to start speaking out. Lots of people are talking about countries and borders; but I don't care about countries, I care about people and I won't stop saying, "Refugee lives matter".

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  1. My heart is utterly broken. As a mom and as a human being. When did life begin to mean so little?