Thursday, 15 October 2015

His eyes came alive

The poor boy spent his life locked away in a cage

He felt like a bird that's had his wings clipped

Unable to fly high in the great sky

The boy walked back and fore in his cage, each and every day

Looking out of his cage wondering what beauties lie outside

Each night when the sun had set the boy would cry

Praying to be let out of his unkempt cage

The dust and dirt from inside the cage would poison the air

And each night the boy would be kept awake by the monsters

That lie underneath his bed, with their snores and nightly roars

Then early one morning, the boy arose as the sun began to wake

And he saw the cage door was open!

The boys heart jumped out of his chest, at first for joy

But then out of fear! What if this was just a dream?

The boy rushed to the edge of the open cage door

But slowly and cautiously he stepped outside

Oh how his eyes came alive when he knew he was free

At first he took a deep breath in, of the sweet fresh air

Then he ran for the first time in his life

His smile grew, as he ran and played outside of his cage

Oh how his eyes came alive

Then his wings returned and he flew

He flew so very high; right to the top of the sky

He smiled, laughed, played, ran and flew so very high

And oh how his eyes came alive

Then, without warning, he woke up in his cage

It was just a dream after all

And the sadness returned to his heart

He is stuck in his cage with no hope, no joy, no freedom, no rights

No life, no happiness; his cage is full of nothingness and injustice

Oh how he longed for the days to return, when his eyes came alive!

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