Monday, 20 June 2016

Remain in the EU

I have voted to #Remain in the EU. By voting to remain in the EU I am not saying that I agree with everything about the EU or how it's run. I completely agree that the EU needs reform, but we can't change it if we turn our backs on it, we should be pushing for reform and change.

One of the things that I have hated to see is all the attacks on the immigrants, the most vulnerable people out there. The #Leave campaign haven't explained that there is a difference between refugee and immigrant! The current economic problems haven't been caused by the immigrants or refugees; it was caused by the banks, and I don't recall any politician calling for any bankers to be arrested or charged for what they did! I wish people could understand and remember that the refugees are fleeing for their lives! They are running from wars and terrorists, and we (UK) are partly to blame for the mess in some of these areas. We should be involved in helping make these places safer, but we cannot do it alone, we need to be part of Europe because we are stronger in numbers, but alone and outside of Europe we are much weaker!

The other extremely important thing to keep in mind is that in the last century two world wars started in Europe, by coming together we are ensuring the peace in Europe. Millions of people died fighting for our peace in Europe and by remaining in the EU we are keeping up the good work and honouring the memory of all those millions of people who died fighting in Europe.

For all the people saying we need to take our country back, I say no! We need to take it forward, not backwards! And for all the people saying we need to take back control and stand alone, are they also calling for the end of the common wealth? Shouldn't all those other countries also 'take back control?' Can we truly trust the UK government with all the money? The leave campaign are claiming by leaving the EU we will save a fortune and they'll reinvest the money back into the UK, but is this true and can we trust the elected government? Remember the miner's in the 80's, how many of them lost their jobs because of a Tory government! My country, Wales has benefited a lot from money given by the EU, because the EU has seen that Wales needed improvements and they've helped many regeneration projects. Ask yourself, would a Tory government help a strong Labour area, or would they use the extra money to help themselves? That's if there is any extra money, it's highly unlikely that we'd be better off because we'd still have to pay all the fees to trade in Europe, and we'd have to stick to all their regulations! If we're out of the EU we'll have no say in any EU regulations!

The other tthing to keep in mind is, the leave campaign keep saying lets 'Take back control', but who are they going to give control too? They're saying that it should only be democratically elected people who should make the decisions for the UK and British people, but the UK isn't a completely democratic country, to achieve what the leave campaign want, true independent democracy, you have to abolish the House of Lords, and get rid of the Queen as Head of State.

When the leave campaign are saying that Brussels  (the EU) are making all the laws of this country that is untrue, according to the house of commons library only 13.2% of UK laws are connected to Brussels  (EU). Also, the 'European court of human rights' (ECHR) has nothing to do with the EU, they aren't connected as they're separate bodies! And finally for everyone who says the British are different from the rest of Europe and the EU are trying to change them, I will leave you and remind you of the EU's motto, "United in diversity".

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