Thursday, 7 July 2016

Let me sleep

Let me sleep, let me close my eyes and drift away

Let my troubles and my pains be locked away in my tomb

Let me rest my head on soft feathered pillows

Let me sleep and never be awoken again.

Let me sleep, let only my beautiful angels come to collect me

Let me wake in the clear sunlight of Paradise

Let me drift away to a happy peaceful place

No more pain, sadness, emptiness and neglect

Let me sleep and never wake up.

Let my angels whisper to me, "Sleep my child

Sleep as we sing our lullaby to you and take you away"

Let them plant fresh flowers on my final resting place

Let the fresh scent of the flowers take away the stench of my life

Let me fly so high and far away, never to be touched by pain again

Let me sleep, let me drift far away, never to return.

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