Thursday, 8 June 2017

My vote is with Jeremy Corbyn

I apologise for sharing these extremely sad before and after photos of some Syrian children, but I feel it's extremely important to make a point regarding the UK general election!

When I first saw these photos I broke my heart, and looking at them again, before posting them, I cried. These beautiful babies were human beings, they had a right to life, and had a right to live in peace, be loved and be happy! Sadly they're all dead! May they rest in peace. To Allah we belong and to Allah we return!

When I was watching one of the debates with Jeremy Corbyn, all the audience kept asking was if he'd be prepared to drop an atom bomb on people! I was shocked by how much people wanted him to kill potentially millions of people! Thank God Jeremy Corbyn is a man of peace, who wouldn't be willing to drop a bomb on innocent people! He understands the importance of coming together, listening and talking! You will never achieve peace with bullets and bombs! NEVER!!

I want Jeremy Corbyn to be the leader of my country because I want real change! I want someone who cares about people and someone who will do all he can to achieve real peace! Before you vote, take a look at these beautiful children, when they were alive, and how they ended up after a bomb had killed them! Remember that Theresa May would happily bomb and kill innocent children and babies like the ones in the photos!

And don't forget that today Theresa May is saying she'd rip up basic human rights laws if she returns to power! It's time for Theresa May to go! I completely support Jeremy Corbyn for UK Prime Minister.

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