Monday, 19 September 2011

The first three releases

After signing her deal in 1998, Lisa-Lee had to wait until late 1999 to release her debut solo dance album, this gave Lisa-Lee time to prepare this first album and start the next two releases. The first three dance albums were classes as give aways, they came free with a dance DJ / producer mixed album, this was a way of slowly building up Lisa-Lee's profile in the dance music scene and with the national press. Lisa-Lee felt that this was a good idea, as it meant that she could slowly expose herself to the media, she felt that if she rushed with promotion and did a lot of it, her story could be sensationalised and become tacky, Lisa-Lee wanted her story to be told carefully, as she was helping to educate people, to get them to understand that gender is not such a taboo subject and it's not as black and white as alot of people believe. This also gave Lisa-Lee the chance to come to terms with her own condition, plus it gave her a chance to see how the media works, it turned out to be a good and educational experience.

The debut release was titled, 'The unknown story of Lisa-Lee Dark', a clever title, as not only did it refer to Lisa-Lee's medical condition (CAH), but it also refered to her musical career, as no one had heard of Lisa-Lee Dark in the industry, as she had been a session singer working on original material, and doing 'cover' versions of other dance hits, but by perfectly mimicking the original singers version. This first release was released twice, firstly in 1999 with some of the money going to different charities and again in 2000, but none of that went to charity. When the album was first released it didn't do very well, it didn't get above the 1,000 sales mark, but everyone felt and believed that it was partly due to it being released late in 1999, when absolutely everybody was releasing material. When the album got re-released in 2000 it went on to sell just over 9,000 copies, meaning that this album sold a little over 10,000 copies, not too bad for a very small independent record label.

The second album was titled, 'MM:- The story continues'. The story that Lisa-Lee was getting across was all of the songs she had copied and how different she could sound. This album was released in 2000 and sold an additional 10,000 copies. The third dance album was titled, 'Pray (forever), this was due for release in September 2001, but the timing clashed with the terrorist attacks on America (9/11), it turned out to be hugely difficult to promote this release as the press were focusing on the 9/11 attacks. This affected the sales of this album as it only managed to sell half of what the first two releases had achieved, it sold just 5,000 copies.

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