Monday, 26 September 2011

The last dance album

VIP international records decided to go back on their word / agreement with Lisa-Lee, she was supposed to release 3 albums with other projects, and then begin releasing her own solo material, but the MD's at VIP decided to re-start Lisa-Lee's deal, with her spending at least three more years / albums being released as free give aways with another project / album; but Lisa-Lee couldn't afford to do that, as she made no money from the first three albums, she just had studio time and she couldn't afford to not be earning for at least three more years, so Lisa-Lee asked them to terminate her recording deal; this was upsetting for Lisa-Lee as she had worked so hard to get her first deal, but Lisa-Lee had no guarantees that the MD's wouldn't just keep doing the same thing, they broke their promises to her and she no longer trusted them.

Before the contract was officially over Lisa-Lee had to do one more release, the record company wanted to prove to Lisa-Lee that she wasn't good enough to be a solo artist, so they allowed her to create her own album, even though it would be another free give away, they believed that it wouldn't sell many copies, but they were wrong!

In 2002 Lisa-Lee released her fourth and final dance album, 'Asia', Lisa-Lee was very clever with what she did, as she used dance songs that had an Asian musical influence, this proved to be a winning thing because the football world cup was going on in Asia, so her little free album got radio airplay on its own; when critics were reviewing the main dance music compilation album, they went on to review Lisa-Lee's free album, they recommended that people should buy the dance compilation album, just to get a copy of Lisa-Lee's album.

The record company were taken by surprise, there was demand for Lisa-Lee's album, so they did start to sell it as a solo album, but only through the record companies own website, they missed a great opportunity by not relaunching it and selling it as a solo release, the album (Asia) had the ability to be a big hit on its own. Asia went on to sell just over 30,000 copies, this turned out to be the record companies most successful release, it would of sold a lot more if they had marketed and promoted it as a solo release, but they refused to, which shows why they went bust a few years later. Lisa-Lee believes that it was because of her weight issue, she hadn't lost any weight even though she was trying, but there was a lot more to it than just losing weight, it wasn't that simple for Lisa-Lee.

After the success of the album 'Asia', the record company wanted to do something for the victims and survivors of 9/11, they asked Lisa-Lee if she would be prepared to do a small charity release; they wanted to release some recordings of hers that she made as a teenager, singing Christian songs. This EP was titled, 'A journey of faith'; this was only released on cassette through mail order, all the money went to the 9/11 appeal; even though this was only a mail order release it shifted over 45,000 copies. Lisa-Lee believes that the record company only released that EP to get some free and good publicity for themselves.

From 1999 - 2002 Lisa-Lee sold around 100,000 records for VIP international records, the success of the last release showed Lisa-Lee that it was time for her to return to her musical roots and go back to classical music.

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