Monday, 19 May 2014

Unfinished Masterpieces

When Allah created things He did it with total love and perfection! Just look at the galaxy, milky way and solar system, such images are truly breathtaking; the same with certain areas and locations, sometimes we look at things and just think wow! We can see such beauty in them, but sadly most people don't see the same beauty in themselves or others.

When Allah created us he put the same amount of love and care into creating each one of us, that is why we are all so different and unique, he put the same amount of love into us as he did when he created and shaped the universe. Whenever you feel down just picture something truly beautiful, and just pause and think that creation is one of Allah's masterpieces, just like you are!

To Allah we must be like unfinished masterpieces; because his love for us was so great he gave us complete freedom to do whatever we wanted. We can either destroy the beauty that Allah put in us, or we can re-arrange it, to shine so brightly; it is as if He gave us a billion stars and said, 'do what you will with them'.

We all need to shine, to show Allah how grateful we are for the gift He gave us, which is life! But the stars in the night sky are no good without a moon, a beautiful moon can increase the beauty in the stars, to help them shine and stand out more; so Allah created for us a partner (husband or wife); they are your moon, to help brighten up the darkness and help increase the beauty of the stars, which are you!


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