Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A moral duty and a voice!

There are so many truly horrible images coming out of Gaza, but every now and then, there are these simple little images that affect you the most. For me, this is one of them. This image made me cry. What has this beautiful innocent little boy done to deserve to be killed? Why does Israel see him as a threat, is Israel now safer because he is dead? Who did he hurt? Why is Israel saying it is defending itself from him, what possible damage could he have done. Look at him with his little Mickey Mouse t-shirt on, the way his legs are, this could be a baby from any part of the world, any western country. His precious innocent little life has been taken. He wasn't given a chance, his voice has been taken away from him!

This is how we help. It feels wrong to put pictures of dead children or other victims, it feels like you are being disrespectful; but sadly we have to use these images to show the world the injustice, to hopefully bring them justice! We may not of known them when they were alive, but we experience and mourn them through their death.

Their voices have been taken away and we have a moral duty to help them get justice and show them and the rest of the world, they do matter, their life was important, they are human and they are loved! Sadly the only way we are able to help them, is by sharing their death! And by giving them our voices! Israel may have silenced them, but they can't silence us, and we must shout for them, protest in any way we can, try to show the world what is going on, and even make our governments do something, to show they represent us. Never be quiet while this is going on, and never be put off by any bullying or aggression you come across. Stand up for the innocent victims and give them the voice they need, and deserve!

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