Monday, 7 July 2014

When will the suffering end?

I write this post for Mohammed Abu Khdeir! He was the teenager who was kidnapped, beaten and burnt to death in Israel; a revenge attack for the killing of the three Israeli boys. My heart breaks when I think how much Mohammed must of suffered. I saw the pictures of his dead body, and they were shocking! How can someone do this to another person. He must of been so terrified, and he would of died in agony. He was beaten, covered in petrol, he even had petrol poured down his throat, then he was set alight! There are no words to describe this act! Just look how small he was, he was tiny!

People need to come together to give a bigger voice to the peace makers, it seems that it is always the extremists who are getting heard, we need to stop this and let the people of peace be heard. All these brutal acts, are not in the name of God! No religion is behind them! The hero's are not the fighters, the real hero's are the peacemakers, and the people who work hard to get peace, and the people who help others in need. Everyone who thinks there is glory in war and fighting, you are wrong! Very wrong. Wars only bring death, destruction, misery and more suffering, it is not the way to peace. The same can be said about revenge; in the end, it just becomes an endless cycle of killing and destruction. The way to peace is through, coming together and forgiveness!

I pray for Mohammed, may that beautiful boy rest in peace, away from all the crap of constant fighting. Quite often the problem with politics, is the politicians! R.I.P Mohammed Abu Khdeir!

Every life is precious! I pray for an end to the killings!

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