Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Do not hug me!

Do not hug me, I don't deserve it.
Do not touch me, I am diseased and unclean.
Do not smile at me, I am hideous and ugly.
Do not let your heart sink if you see me
Instead let it harden with hatred for me.
Do not think of me with fondness
Only remember me with spite.
Do not be kind and gentle with me
Instead spit at me, hit me and kick me.
Do not want me, I am surely an embarrassment.
Do not love me, I was made to be hated.
Do not mourn for me when I am gone
Throw me in the trash and be glad I am no more.
Do not hug me, I do not want to feel your touch,
I don't deserve it.
I am the monster in your nightmares
And deserve to be dead!

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