Monday, 15 September 2014

The lonely tree

If you but knew what it meant to dream; to dream of freedom, of flowing rivers, of burning kisses, of walking and resting with a beloved, gazing at one another, eye to eye; of resting and watching the stars. If you but knew, your heart would turn to me.

If you but knew what it means to long in the lonely nights, with storms raging all around. If you could hear my silent screams of pain. If you could see the tears I shed, if you could feel my pain, I tell you, you'd long for death. If you but knew how alone I was, waiting for your call, your touch, your embrace, you'd come to me.

If you but knew what it meant to live, to feel the wind blow through your soul, if you but knew the beauty I have inside, if you but knew me, you'd long for me. If you but knew, the lonely tree is me!

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