Friday, 31 October 2014


My aching heart can't  take the pain anymore
It is withering away waiting for  death to call its name
Each night I hear my heart cry out
"Let me die", "let me die"
I am  alone and invite the ferrymen who transport shadows
To take me away
Let my body burn and my ashes fly away to poison this Earth
My soul has no value while I'm  living  under a shadow.

Love is the only thing that brings in the light and heals a dying heart
Love doesn't  hurt, if it hurts, then it is not love you feel
You are feeling  the shadow of love
The shadow of  love is the great deceiver
He lets you think he is love but tears you apart
He promises you fame, fortune and all that you desire
While draining your body of love
He doesn't  give, he only takes
He is a demon of the night.

Pure love heals, repairs and gives new life
Like a gush of cool wind on a hot summers day
Allah is the source of  all pure love
Only through  Him can you  find real pure unconditional  love!

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