Sunday, 23 November 2014

Music, me and my career

Growing up most of my career and life has been focused on music,  so everybody assumes that my main passion in life is music, but they are wrong, very wrong!

Music has been important to me, although it wasn't my planned career, music just became my career by accident. It was more so a hobby that I loved; but on a deeper level it was also therapy for me. I used music to let go of some of my pain. Music was my release.

My main passion was in film making; writing and developing films, even a bit of acting. Now my music career is coming to an end, it is time I started to focus on my main passion in life. Films!

My music career may last several more years, who knows? I have always kept pushing with my music career, even when it became difficult because I knew it was a way into my main career path; but as I begin to 'recover' from my past, and put everything right, I need to move away from the limbo I have been living in for so very long. Here's to future projects!

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