Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Letting go!

Why don't you take my hand
So we can walk around the park
Let's watch the autumn leaves fall to the ground
While we listen to the children's laughter in the distance
And we watch the early autumn's sunset
While feeling the cold wind blow on our faces.

Why don't you sit down in your comfy chair
And sip on a cup of hot coco
Let's ponder on days gone past
Remembering how life was and how life is
Let's talk about the good and bad
And remember it all with great pride.
Knowing how far it helped us travel.

Why don't you lay down
And tell me for one last time
The places you've been and all the different people you've met
Let's relive the past just one more time
Before we have to go and travel on different paths.

Why don't you lay down and rest your eyes
You've been on a long hard journey
With so many battles and hardships overcome
Why don't you lay down and let go
Knowing that you'll always be here with us
As we carry you forward in our hearts.

Let's lay down for one last time
And know it's OK to let go
Don't be afraid of falling asleep and drifting away
Because for what we are about to lose
Will be heaven's gain
We are all born to die
But death isn't the end, it is the start.

Please ignore the tears that fall upon you
As I kiss you goodbye one last time
I know that for now we have to part
But all I'll have to do is look up to the stars in the sky
And close my eyes to see your face and feel your embrace
But I know we have to say goodbye
Because heaven's waiting for their angel to go home!

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