Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Part Two of Lisa-Lee's first ever radio interview!

This is the second half of Lisa-Lee's first ever radio interview with the legendary presenter John Peel for his BBC radio 4 programme.


Lisa-Lee has been trying to educate people about intersex medical conditions for many years, to try to educate them and create more acceptance and understanding of these conditions, for herself and other people with these conditions and their families. Lisa-Lee still has to suffer attacks from small minded, uneducated and disturbed people.

On Christmas day  (2014), Lisa-Lee had to deal with one of the worst attacks she's had to deal with in quite a while, some yob threw 2 powerful fireworks at her, this could of resulted in seriously damaging Lisa-Lee and permanently disfiguring her, or at worse, it could of killed her! Luckily the fireworks missed Lisa-Lee and her bins caught fire instead! If they had hit her, she'd of been on fire! This is because Lisa-Lee was born with a rare medical condition, she didn't choose to be made different, but the person who threw fireworks at her did have a choice, and he chose to try to badly burn or kill her because he is small minded, sick and disturbed!

If you don't understand about something, ask questions and never assume!

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