Thursday, 13 October 2016

Requiem for my dreams

I used to dream of happy times

I used to dream of future times

My dreams were varied and often

I used to laugh in my sleep while I dreamt

I used to love to sleep; so I could escape in my dreams

But all that changed the day you left.

Unhappiness, misery and sorrow has entered my heart

I no longer dream in my sleep

My dreams have been taken over by nightmates

I seldom sleep during the night

I seldom want to sleep anymore on fear of waking up

I want to close my eyes and never arise.

My dreams have left me

They've packed their bags and gone away

I feel abandoned, desolated and alone

Without my dreams there is no hope for the future

No happy ever afters, and no bright tomorrow's

This is now the reality of a life without any dreams

Instead of uncertainty, self doubt and self pity

I must say goodbye to my dreams.

So I write this Requiem for my dreams

A Requiem that will help me to let go

Let go of all the good happy times

And allow me to embrace this new darkness

I write this Requiem for my dreams

A Requiem to end all Requiem's

This is my final Requiem

To say farewell to my departed dreams.

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