Sunday, 16 October 2016

We still existent

This is Lisa-Lee Dark reading Mohammad Arafat's poem, 'We still existent'. This poem is taken from Lisa-Lee and Mohammad's poetry book, 'Hope - a journey with many ups and downs'. The book was published in 2015 and is exclusively available from Amazon.

ISBN - 13 : 978-1514642900
ISBN - 10 15144642905

Here, we exist
From mid sea to the river
From Sinai to the North Mounts
From hills to the wells
We exist

Shed our blood
Drink it, lick it
Draw smiles with it
We exist

Destroy our homes
Tear our tents
Torture our detainees
Mutilate our children
We exist

Sweep our lands
Uproot our trees
Cut our branches
Burn our crops
We exist

Steal our souls
Silence our voices
Kill us, but we exist
For this land, we resist
Everything will be repossessed!

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