Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Difficult early life

Lisa Lee Dark was born in Swansea, she first lived in Clydach, one of the Swansea Valleys, before moving to Brynhyfryd and then Penlan (Caereithin). Lisa-Lee's early life was difficult, there wasn't always problems but there was a lot of unhappiness. Lisa-Lee's older sister (Tracey) is only her half sister, they don't share the same father, although Tracey only knows Lisa-Lee's father (Roy) as her own father. This caused Lisa-Lee problems as Lisa-Lee was treated worse and made to feel like second best.

Growing up all the focus and attention was on the older sister. Lisa-Lee's parents had money and drink problems, she witnessed a lot of violence by her parents and quite often was in the middle of it all. The most cruel thing that Lisa-Lee's parents did to her when they were drunk was; they'd get her out of bed late at night or very early in the morning, and tell her that they (her parents) are getting divorced and she had to choose which one she wanted to live with, as her older sister would go with her mother as she was hers, but where did Lisa-Lee want to go, as neither of her parents wanted her; this affected Lisa-Lee deeply, as she was under 6 years old when this would regularly happen, she had to listen to both parents say they didn't want her, but they both wanted her older sister; sometimes they would tell Lisa-Lee that they hated her.

Lisa-Lee says that her older sister made the most of being the favourite and enjoyed it. Lisa-Lee had no one, growing up she felt alone and unloved, although she does point out that it wasn't all bad, but the trouble is when so many bad things happen they stick in your mind more than the good, the bad memories bury the few good ones; this is because when you are a child you are like a spounge, you absorb everything and this is what you build your foundations on. These difficult times stay with you, Lisa-Lee says that this is why she is unstable, her head is messed up.

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