Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Discovering the truth

When Lisa-Lee was about 11 or 12 she started experiencing very bad migraines and muscular pains, sometimes she'd wake up in agony, she did go to her doctor because she knew it was something more serious than just growing pains, although her then GP told her that it was only growing pains, he also went on to tell her that children nowadays don't realise how lucky they were and Lisa-Lee was just spoilt; this couldn't of been further away from the truth! Lisa-Lee's life was a living hell, she also told the doctor about her depressions, and he told her that she wasn't suffering from depressions, he told her that the only people who suffer from depressions are the ones who have no reason to be depressed.

After a few years of going through the same thing, and when ever Lisa-Lee met anyone, most of the time they thought Lisa-Lee was a girl, she never understood why, so Chris Jenkins arranged for Lisa-Lee to see a specialist, who dealt with intersex conditions; this so called specialist told Lisa-Lee that she had a rare hormone irregularity, this was because she was born with both sexes, he also told Lisa-Lee that her body was trying to become more female and she had to choose, did she want to be male or female? He also told Lisa-Lee that she would be dead by the time she's 25 and it will most likely be a painful death.

Lisa-Lee felt completely confused, she believed herself to be male, so she thought that is how she is supposed to be, also she didn't want to make her families life difficult, so she opted to take male hormones to make herself be more masculine, all this did was make Lisa-Lee gain a lot of weight, grow wider and have half her hair fall out, the only posative thing that Lisa-Lee saw was that she'd die young, that made her happy knowing that the difficulties would end.

Lisa-Lee knew that she would be coming into money when she was 25, so she just hoped that until then she could grow closer to her family and that her money would help make their lives happier. Lisa-Lee carried on with her work, not only was she in the recording studio doing session work on music projects, but she also started doing voice over work on low budgeted European horror movies, she did about five of these films, plus she was recording lead vocals for the Christian new age classical group, 'New Era', although the group have had several name changes. Lisa-Lee's recording career was going from strength to strength.

Although Lisa-Lee wanted to get accepted and noticed by her family, this wasn't happening, she just longed for her family to notice her and how hard she worked, but they continued to ignore her and say unpleasant things about her. Lisa-Lee left school at the age of 15, she had no quolifications but she'd had enough of the daily abuse, this helped her life improve, for Lisa-Lee things began to feel good; she decided to push forward and develop her own solo music career, although Chris Jenkins did not like this idea and he refused to help her, so she carried on regardless, although she did learn the hard way as she had hundreds and hundreds of rejections but she never gave in, she just gradually learnt from her mistakes and improved herself.

Over time people started taking an interest in Lisa-Lee, they usually liked her voice but thought she was too fat and ugly to have her own recording deal, this went on for a while. Due to her life improving Lisa-Lee decided to question her medical advice, she had learnt that taking the male hormones made her feel terrible, but when she didn't bother taking them, she started to feel better, it wasn't until Lisa-Lee was 19 that she got diagnosed with the correct medical condition, 'congenital adrenal hyperplasia' (CAH), she was told that the other advice was nonsense and she wasn't about to die, although had she kept taking the hormones then she might of died young. It took Lisa-Lee a few years to accept this news, she had prepared herself to die but now she had to start living!

 Lisa-Lee didn't understand CAH and no one would help her find out about it, some specialist told her that certain families didn't want people knowing about their childrens condition so they refused to tell her anything, or how to find out more about it. The medical profession had once again let Lisa-Lee down, although life was about to improve with her career and life.

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